After the Halloween event last weekend, where quite a few players went mad for the pumpkin points, the majority of them were gone within a day, giving a big boost to the score of those who were quick to start early.

On Friday 4 November, I had a trip down to Swansea for the weekend to the christening of my Niece. The route I decided to take was to lead me to two pumpkin Munzee that had not been captured, and were also FTC.

The first was on the A465 from Hereford, 'Welcome To Wales' which was a nice easy capture, the second, in Cwmbran, was not so easy, in fact, I was unable to find, even with the help of my daughter. To top it off, I was stopped by the local constabulary asking what I was doing! Why do people make these hard to find in built-up areas?!

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