_After many weeks of preparation of the First UK Munzee Meet, the day started, in the car park to Warrens Hall Nature Reserve, with a race at 10:30hrs. There were approximately 18 pumpkins, left from the Halloween event, for players to try and grab as many as possible, as they were each worth 50 points!

=Ako- and myself, slowly wandered around, watching everyone searching and attempting to capture the Munzee and subtly pointing people in the right direction. It was such a relief, after many weeks of organisation, to just watch everyone enjoy capturing.

From outside to inside, everyone then met at the Royal Oak, Rowley Regis, after to participate in more fun and games.

My thanks go to -Ako- and Northking for their very hard work and help in getting this event off the ground, and thank you to all those who attended, it was fantastic to meet new and old friends.

After the Halloween event last weekend, where quite a few players went mad for the pumpkin points, the majority of them were gone within a day, giving a big boost to the score of those who were quick to start early.

On Friday 4 November, I had a trip down to Swansea for the weekend to the christening of my Niece. The route I decided to take was to lead me to two pumpkin Munzee that had not been captured, and were also FTC.

The first was on the A465 from Hereford, 'Welcome To Wales' which was a nice easy capture, the second, in Cwmbran, was not so easy, in fact, I was unable to find, even with the help of my daughter. To top it off, I was stopped by the local constabulary asking what I was doing! Why do people make these hard to find in built-up areas?!
This weekend, Munzee HQ had turned random Munzee into pumpkins to celebrate Halloween. Players would be able to capture and earn a bonus of 50 points. The first to capture would get the bonus, then it would revert back to the normal points, even if you had previously captured a Munzee, you were able to get the bonus points.

During an enjoyable weekend's Halloween events with my children also, I checked my position in the Munzee Leaderboard, after capturing 12 pumpkins. I found that I had moved up the table quite considerably, from 31 to 24, but now that the weekend has come to an end, I have now dropped down to 27th in the world. Oh well, I'll have to try harder next time!

My position in the UK Leaderboard is 3rd! Yay!