The day, February 14, 2012, Valentines Day and no cards on the doormat, oh well, maybe next year!

After the kids went to bed last night, I checked through the posts in the Facebook Munzee groups and came across players talking about kisses and hearts. Hmmm ... a short investigation and ... Aha! Munzee HQ have gone soft on us and spread some love around for us to capture, and as soon as my other half came home, I was off to go and get some of those ♥'s!

A route was planned to get the most possible in the least amount of time and after 5 hours I had managed to capture 15 ♥ and some normal Munzee, obtaining a score of 878pts, and to top it off, I had managed to get into the Leaderboard for that day! Yay!

Thanks Munzee HQ for a nice surprise!

I ♥ Munzee!  
This weekend, Munzee HQ had turned random Munzee into pumpkins to celebrate Halloween. Players would be able to capture and earn a bonus of 50 points. The first to capture would get the bonus, then it would revert back to the normal points, even if you had previously captured a Munzee, you were able to get the bonus points.

During an enjoyable weekend's Halloween events with my children also, I checked my position in the Munzee Leaderboard, after capturing 12 pumpkins. I found that I had moved up the table quite considerably, from 31 to 24, but now that the weekend has come to an end, I have now dropped down to 27th in the world. Oh well, I'll have to try harder next time!

My position in the UK Leaderboard is 3rd! Yay!