Have you ever wanted notification of new deployments in your area? Well, you can now!

Thanks to the German Munzee fraternity, someone has come up with a script that will help you obtain the information you need.

All you need to do is;
  1. Go to this webpage Createzee enter your username and the radius (km) you wish to watch.
  2. On the map, move the pin to where you want to watch new deployments.
  3. Zoom in/out until you have the area you want cover.
  4. Do not tick the 'Map' box.
  5. Click 'Go!'.
  6. Copy the web address given at the bottom (or click to view the deployments in the area you asked for).
  7. Next you will need to register at www.followthatpage.com, if you do not have an account.
  8. Copy and paste the web address you were provided with from the Createzee page, for the page you wish to watch.
  9. Set the interval for an email to be sent, 1 hour to 24 hours. Click 'Next'.
  10. Enter a description, then into the Line Filter box 'worldwide'.
  11. Click 'Save'.
  12. Wait for the emails to arrive!

A BIG 'Thank you' to the all those who helped provide the notification script and webpage.