Have now hosted the Munzee Dictionary from the Munzee Forum Post with kind permission from TeamJedi.

Any suggestions, just leave a message here munzee.dictionary(at)munzee.info or on the forum post.
For all you intrepid new Munzee players I have now done a step by step help guide on how to get your first Munzee capture.
Munzee IPhone app Noobie help
You've seen those little boxes showing a players score on the Munzee forums or websites (like mine shown on the right) and want to have one to show off your score?

Look no further - here is the code you need to place in your forum profile signature;


And for your website page ...

<img src="http://www.opencaching.org.uk/sigzee.php?munzeer=username" />
Found this link someone put up on the GB Facebook group, http://dfx.at/munzee, the website helps you create a file to save and then upload to your GPS device all the Munzee in your area of search.

Just enter your search type, the output you require (GPX, GPI, JSON, Google Maps), your username (optional, unless you do not want to include your own or captured munzee), and if you want to include Special Munzee. Once you have filled the necessary fields, just click 'Go'. The file will be created and you just need to save to your computer when prompted. You can even create a Bookmark to the website with all your details entered to save time when you update again.

Upload to your GPS device and away you go. I uploaded mine to c:geo, but it said there was no cache, so I'm trying out different GPS apps on Android to see which is the best for Munzee hunting.

Many thanks to DFX! Brilliant!