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I'll just have 40 winks ... ZZZzzzzzz
I'll just have 40 winks ... ZZZzzzzzz
Wow! It's been a while since I have been on here, sorry everyone!

The past month I have been decorating my daughters new bedroom ready for her to move into as she was sharing with her youngest brother who is a bit of an early riser, I'm glad to say Em has now moved in and is enjoying the peace and quiet!

Since my last blog I've not been out doing much capturing or deploying, apart from the fantastic April meet in Nottingham, a new series I have deployed in Clent, and a couple of eggs captured, well, 36 eggs to be eggs-act, not a lot really on the munzee front.

During my time 'away', so much has happened within the game itself, new virtuals, changes to editing and moving a munzee, both android and iPhone app updates, and now a Munzee Premium Membership for $30 USD/year, which I am tempted to get.

The new rules on moving have scuppered my Hunt The Facebook Munzee, but I'm hoping to sort something out to keep it going. Stay tuned!

How do you feel about the changes to the editing and moving a munzee rules and are you tempted by the Munzee Premium Membership

Grabbed myself four more ♥'s last night, would have been five, but one was missing in action. Ludlow, Shrewsbury and Cannock were worth 200pts, but the one near Haughton Abbey was not to be.
After finishing work Saturday lunchtime, I made my way over to Saltwells Nature Reserve, Quarry Bank, the sun was shining and it was a lovely warm day for deployment of a series of Munzee. The area is surrounded by factories, Merry Hill shopping centre and housing estates, you wouldn't think this nature reserve would exist in the middle.

In just over four hours, I managed to deploy 31 in the area and the following day took my children there to finish off some of the areas in between, giving a total of 50 Munzee, including a Mystery one, with more to come.
Notice the factories in the backgroind?
In one of the few small valley's at Waseley Hills Country Park.
The weather Saturday was not good when I was looking after my children, the rain kept coming, then early afternoon, I decided that it was time to risk the weather and get them out as they were getting to be like wild caged animals.

We arrived at Waseley Hills Country Park, Rubery and the sun started to break through the clouds. After a couple of hours walking and playing in the play area, it was getting too cold and we decided it was time to go.

Whilst wandering around, I saw several places to hide Munzee's and decided I needed to come back at sometime in the near future to deploy, and on the following evening I was free. Five hours later and I had deployed 28 Munzee around the Country Park, found a cache by mistake, and there are still places to hide a few more soon.
The day, February 14, 2012, Valentines Day and no cards on the doormat, oh well, maybe next year!

After the kids went to bed last night, I checked through the posts in the Facebook Munzee groups and came across players talking about kisses and hearts. Hmmm ... a short investigation and ... Aha! Munzee HQ have gone soft on us and spread some love around for us to capture, and as soon as my other half came home, I was off to go and get some of those ♥'s!

A route was planned to get the most possible in the least amount of time and after 5 hours I had managed to capture 15 ♥ and some normal Munzee, obtaining a score of 878pts, and to top it off, I had managed to get into the Leaderboard for that day! Yay!

Thanks Munzee HQ for a nice surprise!

I ♥ Munzee!  
After spending the afternoon and early evening deploying, I decided it was time to take out two of the new Munzee placed in Leasowes Park by -Ako-. I hate seeing those extra 'greenies' squeezed in amongst the red ones!

It was dark, freezing and I didn't have my gloves with me, so holding the metal torch casing certainly didn't make my hands any warmer! I entered the park via Kent Road and made my way towards Leasowes No.7 by the stream. After about 10-15 minutes walk I reached the area and set about searching. Up and down the muddy bank side I clambered, and up and down the path, as the GPS on the iPhone was all over the place. Eventually, I came across something that matched the clue, a quick look, but no Munzee! So back I went, up and down ... you get the picture.

After 15 minutes search I messaged -Ako-, and sent him a picture of the object I had found with no Munzee, turns out I was probably right and it needed replacing! Oh well, off to the next one, a Mystery one.

About 5-10 minutes later, I approached the area where the Mystery was hidden, a quick look at the clue and it was soon captured, checked the points and only had 10 points awarded, made up for the one I couldn't find earlier I suppose.

Now, I don't know about everyone else who has captured Mystery Munzee, but during the Double Points weekend and thereafter, all the Mystery ones I've captured, have been 10 points each, might only just be a coincidence. How many points have you been awarded for your Mystery Munzee captures? Is it worth capturing the Mystery Munzee?
Team Munzee were at it again, tempting us players to get out and about after the Christmas and New Year festivities, with a Munzee Double Points Weekend, starting on Friday January 13, 01:00hrs CST to Sunday January 15, 00:00hrs CST, but this was extended to Monday January 16, 0:00hrs CST, due to server 'hiccups'.

My captures in total for the weekend were 188, these were from Sutton Park, Merrion's Wood, Dartmouth Park, the Silver & Trees series and Warrens Hall Nature Reserve, which included a pumpkin.

Points scored: 2084 (me)
Ranking At Start: 34
Ranking At End: 34 (Oh well, I did try!)
Total Captures Worldwide: 23,300+
Total Deployed: 7,300+
Finally finished the first part of my new series placed in and around Uffmoor Woods, Halesowen.

This first section has taken several late nights to deploy 28 Munzee, two of them are Mystery, and the others are just the usual. They range from very easy to very hard, well you didn't think the Mysteries would be easy to obtain, did you? Ha! Ha!

Take some good footwear as the area can get quite muddy and you may also get wet feet attempting one or two!
Since the UK's first Munzee meet back in November, I have not been out to capture or deploy, shame on me! But, one thing I have managed to do is order some Mystery Munzee from HQ, and I hope to get out and about soon and deploy a couple of these and maybe throw in a couple of captures as well!