After spending the afternoon and early evening deploying, I decided it was time to take out two of the new Munzee placed in Leasowes Park by -Ako-. I hate seeing those extra 'greenies' squeezed in amongst the red ones!

It was dark, freezing and I didn't have my gloves with me, so holding the metal torch casing certainly didn't make my hands any warmer! I entered the park via Kent Road and made my way towards Leasowes No.7 by the stream. After about 10-15 minutes walk I reached the area and set about searching. Up and down the muddy bank side I clambered, and up and down the path, as the GPS on the iPhone was all over the place. Eventually, I came across something that matched the clue, a quick look, but no Munzee! So back I went, up and down ... you get the picture.

After 15 minutes search I messaged -Ako-, and sent him a picture of the object I had found with no Munzee, turns out I was probably right and it needed replacing! Oh well, off to the next one, a Mystery one.

About 5-10 minutes later, I approached the area where the Mystery was hidden, a quick look at the clue and it was soon captured, checked the points and only had 10 points awarded, made up for the one I couldn't find earlier I suppose.

Now, I don't know about everyone else who has captured Mystery Munzee, but during the Double Points weekend and thereafter, all the Mystery ones I've captured, have been 10 points each, might only just be a coincidence. How many points have you been awarded for your Mystery Munzee captures? Is it worth capturing the Mystery Munzee?

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